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The Vegan Indians – India’s First Comprehensive Website Dedicated to Veganism

The Vegan Indians is an India-focused website that aims to provide reliable information and updates to both vegans and aspiring vegans. It is a one-stop-destination for all those who are passionate about animals and Mother Earth and want to take the vegan route to show their support.

The Vegan Indians encompasses various important sections that provide up-to-date information on veganism in India. One can find content neatly segregated under sections that cover news, features, interviews of vegan influencers and vegan businesses, recipes, product reviews, restaurants, and much more. There is also a product listing section that keeps readers updated with latest products launched under different categories. To sum it up, The Vegan Indians is an all-inclusive source of India-focused vegan information.

Why The Vegan Indians?

Veganism is witnessing an increased adoption in India owing to the growing concern around animal welfare, environment protection and fitness. A significant number of people, especially in metros and urban areas are embracing this cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle. Dairy and other animal-produce alternatives are seeing a surge in demand as the population of vegans continues to swell. Understanding this need, several brands are entering the vegan market space and introducing vegan-friendly products to meet the growing demand. This is leading to a lot of curiosity around veganism. The Vegan Indians has been launched as a resource portal to cater to this growing interest.

The Vegan Indians was launched by Supriya Mishra, a former journalist to spread awareness on veganism and sustainable living. Being an animal and nature lover, Supriya always wanted to do something that would help her promote animal welfare. She has been a vegetarian all her life but her curiosity towards veganism grew over the last couple of years. The suffering of cows and buffaloes in dairy farms made her resolve stronger and she converted into a vegan. With The Vegan Indians, she wants to spread more awareness around this topic, and also provide reliable updates to her readers so that they find it easier to adopt veganism.

According to Supriya, “Our eating habits and lifestyles are often dictated by our families and close peer group. We keep following the same pattern until we start learning about better concepts and ideologies. A change begins to happen and we start embracing it. We are the most intelligent species on Earth and we must start being more compassionate to other beings. In India, dairy and meat are widely consumed and are a staple part of our diet. People believe that they will become weak if they cut these food items from their diet. We have been conditioned to believe that a cow’s or a buffalo’s milk is beneficial for us, and we are blindly following this centuries. Through The Vegan Indians, we want to make people understand why being a vegan is completely normal and healthy. If they get a reliable source of information, they would surely give this lifestyle a try. We want to make the process easier for them.”

What Makes Up The Vegan Indians?

The Vegan Indians has a dedicated section ‘People’ that features individuals from all walks of life who have adopted veganism as a lifestyle including athletes and body builders. It covers their journey from being a meat eater or a vegetarian to a vegan. The idea behind this section was to prove that even people with high dietary requirements can lead a normal life with no adverse effects on their health if they follow a nutritious and balanced vegan diet plan. The section has been getting a lot of positive reviews since the launch of the website.

Besides the ‘People’ section, the website has other sections, like What’s New, Features, Vegan Product Reviews, Vegan Recipes, Eating Out and Vegan Products. ‘What’s New’ section features latest national and global updates and news on veganism. The features section is a compilation of interesting and insightful articles that cover the various facets of veganism and help a vegan-curious individual to understand what veganism and vegan lifestyle entails. The articles featured in The Vegan Indians are carefully written with reliable facts in order to avoid any misinformation for the reader.

There is a Product Review section that has become quite popular amongst readers since the website launch who come to the site to read authentic and unbiased reviews. Vegan Recipes section features easy recipes to make the journey towards veganism easier. Eating Out section covers vegan and even non-vegan restaurants that cater to vegan customers through a dedicated vegan menu. For people who want to explore new vegan products that are launched in the market can browse through the Vegan Products section that lists down products across categories such as vegan dairy, confectionery, footwear, accessories, mock meat, beverages, etc.