What is Veganism?


Let’s sum up Veganism through four Es – ‘ethical’, ‘empathetic’, eco-friendly’ and ‘easy (on the wallet too!!)’ 

Vegan lifestyle eliminates the use of animals in food, clothing, footwear, accessories, testing and entertainment. It seeks to end the commodification of animals and advocates creation of a cruelty-free world.

It is an ideology that is good for animals, Earth and you. It ends the unspeakable suffering animals have to endure until they meet their dreadful end. It contributes positively to the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, and is also amazing for us as it helps us stay fit by sticking to healthier alternatives.

In today’s world, characterized by food shortage, environmental and socio-economic problems, a vegan lifestyle is the need of the hour as it the one of the most sustainable forms of living. Once shrouded by myths and misinformation, veganism is now being embraced by people around the world.

Origin of veganism:

Veganism can be termed as a stricter form of vegetarianism. As a concept, vegetarianism can be connected to the original teachings of religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is also often stated that several Greek philosophers, including Pythagoras, used to propound this concept and urge their followers to shun animal produce. However, the term vegan was coined much later in 1944 by Donald Watson, an animal rights activist from Yorkshire who formed ‘Vegan Society’. The interest in veganism grew in the last decade, and brands started coming up with vegan alternatives for dairy and meat. The year 2019 was declared ‘The year of the vegan’ by The Economist magazine and this ideology is garnering a lot of attention today.  Veganism has been picking up very fast in the western world with supermarkets and restaurants selling vegan-friendly food.

Veganism in India

In India, veganism is still in its infancy stage and is mainly popular amongst the educated urban dwellers. Though many Indians already practice lacto-vegetarianism due to cultural and religious reasons, veganism is still often misunderstood, mistrusted or plain ignored. Being a dairy-loving nation, people find it difficult to give it up altogether. Additionally, it is also a little difficult to make the switch due to fewer alternatives available in the market at reasonable prices.

Social media is playing a key role in spreading the word and people are now becoming aware of the horrors of meat and dairy industries. Things are slowly changing and tech-savvy people, especially in metros, are modifying their lifestyles to accommodate veganism. It is being curiously researched about and its health benefits are drawing a lot of fitness-freak Indians.

Through our website, we want to make it easier for you to adopt this healthier lifestyle. We want to give you a one-stop-solution to all your vegan problems. We want to support you in this noble endeavor!

Live and let live!