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Actor Uday Chopra Actively Championing the Vegan Cause

Bollywood actor and producer Uday Chopra, who embraced the vegan lifestyle in 2019, has been constantly advocating for the cause of animals and environment.

It all started with a tweet in Jan 2019, where the actor wrote about giving veganism a try, and shared a link to an article highlighting the benefits of a plant-powered diet.

Shortly after, in March 2019, the actor spoke about sticking to a plant-based diet successfully for 50 days.

He followed up this tweet with another pointing out how dairy is just as bad as meat, and encouraged his patrons to incorporate atleast one plant-based, cruelty-free meal per day.

His tweet in May 2019 confirmed that the actor had transitioned into a vegan lifestyle three months prior and was planning on continuing it.

He often takes to the social platforms to recommend vegan eats and treats around the city.


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Most recently, on 6th August, his tweet on veganism focused on the ethical perspective associated with the movement and pointed out a significant moral inconsistency where cannibalism is considered wrong but murdering animals for food isn’t. Both humans and animals being sentient, i.e. having a central nervous system and feeling emotions of pain, torture, fear equally.

He wrote, “Veganism is not necessarily about health it’s about ethics and morality. We can all agree that cannibalism is wrong. But that’s cause we place a moral judgement on the idea that eating a human is wrong. It’s the same with animals. Yes I know plants are alive but are they sentient”

He also shared a chart showcasing global land use where 77% of agricultural land use contributed to a meagre 18% of global calorie supply, hinting at large-scale wastage of land by factory farms.

The actor’s Instagram bio now reads, “Searching for a vegan Atheist”.

Here’s wishing Uday all the best with his ‘search’ and here’s hoping that the vegan movement gains greater ground with more and more people jumping on the bandwagon for a kinder, compassionate, and more sustainable future.

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