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Bevry Launches Classic Cold Brew Coffee with Oat Milk, More Flavours Coming Soon

Gurugram-based oat milk company Bevry India today announced the launch of its new product – Classic Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk – that will be available pan-India. It is planning to roll out more flavours of oat milk coffee, including Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Mocha over the next few weeks.

Talking about the brand with The Vegan Indians, Pradeep Sanker, Co-Founder, Bevry India, said, “When we (the founding team members) were studying in Sydney together, we came across Oatly and were really impressed with the product. We did a market research in India and found that there were no good Indian brands selling oat milk. We saw an opportunity and took it up. We have now launched cold brew oat milk coffee and will soon be coming up with new flavours.

“We spent 16 months on R&D and now all our products come with a nine-month shelf life. Since the launch of Bevry in November 2020, we have seen an amazing response with 70% repeat customers.”

Pradeep also told us that Bevry is tying up with all Greenr cafes in Delhi-NCR owing to an increase in consumer interest in this region. The company’s products, including the coffee range, will soon be available at all 24X7 outlets as well as through Big Basket across India.

In a social media post about the launch, Pradeep wrote, “One of the prime reasons why the popularity of Oat Milk is growing all over the world is because of the existing coffee culture. The reason I am saying this is because the natural creamy texture Oat Milk has, goes very well when combined with the sweetness of coffee. It tastes better than regular coffee with cow’s milk.”

The product is currently available via Amazon India website and official Bevry website.

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