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Razzle Unveils a Range of Vegan, Diabetic Friendly Chocolates

Razzle, a Gujarat-based company, has launched its first range of 100% vegan, gluten free and diabetic friendly chocolates for Indian customers. Founded by Gautam Sarkar, an IIHM alumnus, the brand seeks to “create a healthy alternative to one of the deeply enjoyable pleasures known to humans.” As per the company, Razzle chocolates are Ketogenic, Gluten-free, vegan and sugar free.

The five chocolate flavours that have been launched are Razzle- Rich in Cashew, Razzle- Rich In Almond, Razzle- Pistachio Haze, Razzle- Nut Mosaic and Razzle- Chilli Cinnamon.

Razzle plans to set up a facility for producing 1000 chocolate bars a day by the end of 2021. It aims to sell 100 chocolate bars a day initially and then scale it up to 1000 bars a day by the end of year 2021. It also plans to increase the flavours from existing 5 to 20 over the coming months.

Being a keen sportsperson, Gautam’s obsession with clean and healthy food started right from his formative years. On the launch of Razzle chocolates, he said, “It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Razzle is finally launching on social media. This would not only help us achieve our primary aim of making our chocolate bars available to everyone who loves chocolate but also to give them the much needed guilt free chocolate experience. Our nation is progressing towards becoming the Diabesity (Diabetes + Obesity) capital due to higher content of sugar & carbs in our day to day diet. A regular dark chocolate contains around 40-60 grams of added sugar (on average) and on the contrary, Razzle bars provide sugarless silky smooth experience. Such high sugar in regular chocolate bars has made the simple pleasure of having a chocolate to a sinful luxury that many people now cannot afford.”

“We at Razzle, in collaboration with Lt. Col. Dr. Awaneesh Pandey, a metabolic physician, aim to align with the country’s Fit India initiative by offering a unique experience to Weight watchers, Keto dieters, Diabetic patients, Vegans and anyone who loves chocolates by providing healthy, tasty and guilt free chocolate bar. We hope with our chocolate bars people can start embracing sweetness again!,” he added.

Razzle chocolates will be available through the company’s Instagram page initially.

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