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SHARAN’s Second Organic Vegan Store Opening Soon in Mumbai

SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature) is all set to welcome customers to its second organic vegan store in Mumbai. The store, located at Nana Chowk in South Mumbai, will be inaugurated on 02 December at 11 am by globally-renowned holistic health guru Dr. Mickey Mehta.

As an organisation, SHARAN aims to create awareness about holistic health and an ecologically sustainable compassionate lifestyle. It believes that all life on the planet is interconnected and by reconnecting with nature, humans can heal themselves. SHARAN has become synonymous with organic and vegan living in India, and also provides vegan certification to select brands, products and restaurants.

The Vegan Indians connected with Capt. Joseph Pinto from SHARAN India to know more about the upcoming store and SHARAN’s future plans. Capt. Pinto told us, “We are an organic vegan store under the guidance of SHARAN. We only keep products that are both vegan and organic. Unlike other organic stores, our stores in Mumbai stock fresh fruits and vegetables that are sourced directly from the farms. We send our own vehicle to collect them and there are no middlemen involved. We offer a one-stop-solution for all household items, including fruits, vegetables and groceries. All our products are 100% organic with no traces of chemicals and pesticides as we believe these substances are the main cause of diseases and hormonal disturbance. Our basic idea is to support the organic farming community and help them avail a good price for their products.”

On whether SHARAN plans to open more stores in the future, Capt. Pinto said, “We are not in an expansion mode right now because we want to control our quality. We might look at Bengaluru but not any other city as of now. Transportation of perishables is a difficult job as a lot of damage is involved plus products should reach customer on time. That is why although organic stores are present everywhere, yet they do not deal in perishable goods.”

Mumbai already has a SHARAN Organic Store in Versova that has been running for over two years now.

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