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Surya Concepts Launches a Range of Vegan Baking Mixes for Home Bakers

Surya Concepts, a food & beverage company based in New Delhi, has announced the launch of ‘Surya At Home’ products that include a range of multigrain, vegan and gluten-free mixes for home bakers. With these mixes, the company is looking to offer a convenient solution to those who seek healthier products without having to compromise on taste.

The mixes launched by the company include Bread Flour Mix, Chef’s Cupcake Mix, Cocoa Mix, and Pancake Mix. Bread mixes are available in different flavours like garlic, onion, and mushroom. The company says that the products are easy to use with a cooking time of 30 minutes, and the taste has been approved by consumers through sensory analysis.

According to the company, it has used its formulation capabilities to produce mixes for cakes, brownies, breads and other popular options, and has ensured that they perform under a variety of home baking conditions. ‘Surya At Home’ products are free of gluten, refined sugar, artificial colours/emulsifiers, preservatives. They are non-GMO, 100% vegan and compliant with zero-waste, the company said.

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The products are available across India through Surya Concepts’ retail partners and directly on its website. Other products offered by Surya Concepts include Vegan Nutritional Yeast, Mozzarella Cheeze, Parmesan, Mylks, Desserts, and Breakfast Mixes.

“We took on the challenge to keep all our recipes for Surya At Home, free of all the unnatural stuff. It’s not just healthy but it’s fresher than other shelf food,” Isa Barao, Co- Founder, Surya Concepts, said.

“Surya at Home range gives our customers and the consumers access to sensible prices, fresh and clean food ingredients. Allowing everyone to enjoy cooking at home with easy access to high quality Gluten Free and Vegan ingredients by Surya, proudly made in India”, Isa added.

Rahul Kapoor, Co-Founder, Surya Concepts, said, “Our Surya At Home products are now available through our group website and leading stores around the country including Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and Hyderabad.”

Besides baking mixes, Surya has also rolled out a 48-hours Menu exclusively for Delhiites. One may choose from a variety of vegan yogurt, cakes, desserts, milk, butter, and bread flour. The company says that these freshly cooked and baked products contain no artificial colours, artificial flavourings, or preservatives, and are completely soy-free.

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