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Take a Tour of This Virtual Museum to Know All About Plant-Based Milk

Vegan IRL has launched Milk Future, a virtual reality pop-up museum dedicated to the history and future of plant-based milk. Available for viewing all February, the museum has been launched with the aim to celebrating the history of sustainable and cruelty-free milk and dairy.

Vegan IRL is an initiative by Amber Ward, a passionate advocate of plant-based innovation. It is a newly launched creative studio making immersive experiences about animals and the environment. The virtual tour will enlighten visitors about the history of plant-based milk varieties as well as help them understand the impact of these milks on human health, environment, and animal welfare through several sessions and workshops.

Some of the leading names in non-dairy milk such as Califia Farms, Miyoko’s Creamery and Nod Foods are hosting conversations on the future of these dairy products. Visitors will also get to learn from leading plant-based advocates from the fields of art, activism, photography, animal welfare, etc.

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