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The Whole Truth Foods Launches Vegan Energy Bars in 5 Flavours

The Whole Truth Foods, a health food brand that specialises in clean energy bars and is known for its out-of-the-box marketing, has introduced its first ever range of dairy-free and whey-free energy bars.

The vegan-certified 100% plant-based bars are free from gluten, soy, added sugar, and preservatives. The company has launched these bars in five different flavours, including cocoa cranberry fudge, mocha almond fudge, fig apricot orange, almond choco fudge, and peanut choco fudge.

The company website says, “It took us 10 months of trial and error! We grossly under-estimated how much time it’d take, to make a vegan product that tastes as good, if not better, than our current bars.”

“Ask any Vegan, and the biggest issue they’d articulate about packaged food options, outside of availability, is taste. It’s incredibly hard to make 100% clean, 100% plant-based food tasty! Our tongues are so used to animal proteins and the sweet, creamy texture of dairy, that making food without these two, that still hits the spot, is tough. Especially if you’ve also sworn to not use any refined sugars or ‘nature-derived’ flavors or sweeteners or additives. And food that isn’t tasty, isn’t sustainable. It won’t make you any money. After a point, the organizational will to do the right thing will be overtaken by the financial imperative of doing well. A vicious cycle, not a virtuous loop.”

“But we finally have it! A product that’s as good for the planet, as it is for your body. And because it’s so fudging tasty, we believe it’ll sell by the truckloads, and incentivize us to keep doing the right thing!”

Besides launching vegan bars, the company has also announced its move towards sustainability. Along with the bars, the company will send a self-addressed envelope. After eating the bar, the customer can put the plastic wrappers and the courier bag in it, and mail it back to the company.

The Whole Truth Foods has created a storage facility for all plastic, and has tied up with upcycles and recyclers. It says that it will ensure that the plastic either becomes something re-useable or goes back into the loop for future re-use.

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