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VKC Launches ‘India’s First’ Range of Pasteurized Nuts & Dried Fruits Under Brand ‘Nutraj’

VKC Nuts, India’s leading fully integrated farm-to-fork nuts and dried fruits company, has announced the launch of Bactopure – ‘India’s first and only’ range of pasteurized nuts and dried fruits – under its signature brand Nutraj.

According to a company statement, all Nutraj Bactopure products are 99.99% bacteria and pathogen free. It is the only brand in the Indian market to adhere to international standards of hygiene and purity for nuts and dried fruits. VKC Nuts is the pioneer in the industry to bring the technology of pasteurisation to India.

The company has roped in Indian actress and celebrity chef Amrita Raichand as their brand ambassador.

Speaking about the launch, Gunjan Jain, Managing Director, VKC Nuts Pvt. Ltd. says, There is a paradigm shift in the food industry. Purity, health, and hygiene are at the top of mind for Indian consumers like never before. However, people do not know the kind of nuts they are consuming. With the launch of Nutraj Bactopure, the nuts & dry fruits industry will see the emergence of international levels of hygiene and purity and India will be introduced to a category of bacteria free nuts. Every Indian consumer has the right to the same quality that the consumers in the other countries have access to. VKC Nuts has always been at the forefront of delivering new innovations and quality standards in the Indian Nuts & Dry Fruits industry. Eradicating pathogen infestation from nuts & dry fruits is our latest resolve and Nutraj Bactopure is a giant leap in that direction.”

“Choosing the right quality nuts is crucial and Nutraj BACTOPURE has finally given us an answer to it. Adding nuts in the daily diet is essential to long term health and well-being. I’m pleased to be connected to a company that prioritises health and hygiene over money. Understanding the importance of picking the proper nuts and the benefits of adding nuts in current eating habits, I believe Nutraj by VKC Nuts has some fantastic options,” added Amrita Raichand.

VKC Nuts, the parent company of Nutraj, claims to be the only company to have a ready facility to pasteurize its products in India. Nutraj Bactopure comes with a QR code that can display the actual certificate from a government approved lab to back up the claim. This is another first in the entire food industry, according to the company.

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