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Clarification by Baskin Robbins on Mississippi Mud Vegan Ice Cream Ingredients

In response to the story – Is Baskin Robbins’ Mississippi Mud Vegan Ice Cream Really Vegan? – posted on our website, Baskin Robbins India has sent us a clarification from their customer care id.

We present an exact copy of the same for the information of our readers.

As an independent third party, we neither endorse or disapprove the clarifications received and expect our readers to make their own informed decisions.


We confirm that our newly introduced vegan flavours – are indeed completely dairy free. Both the flavours viz dairy free Alphonso Mango and dairy free Mississippi Mud are made with plant based ingredients and do not use any product or ingredient like milk, butter etc. 

Please note that in the bulk pack for dairy free Mississippi mud flavour – the ingredient “cocoa butter solids” has been erroneously mentioned as butter cocoa solids. This is an oversight and should have been correctly mentioned. We re-confirm that no dairy butter has been used in this product at all. 

Baskin Robbins as a brand enjoys consumer trust built over decades and our objective with the new offering is to gain the trust of new consumers with different lifestyle and food choices. we have absolutely no reason to mislead consumers in this regard. 

However, we do regret the error on the label and the same shall be corrected from the next manufacturing batch. We urge consumers to enjoy the new vegan products with 100% confidence.


Baskin Robbins India.”

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