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Crocs is Going 100% Vegan to Meet its Sustainability Goals

Global casual footwear brand Crocs recently announced that it will discontinue the use of any animal-derived materials in its products by the end of this year as part of its sustainability initiative.

The company is working towards achieving the status of a net zero business by 2030 and is exploring innovative after-life production solutions.

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Currently, most of the shoes by Crocs, including its iconic Classic Clog, are created using synthetic material Croslite, a vegan byproduct made from recycled materials. However, the brand continues to use leather in some of its designs.


In a report, the brand has estimated that for each pair of Crocs, 3.94 kg of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) is released. When compared with a pair of running shoes, which generates around 13.6kg of CO2e it, is significantly low. However, the brand intends to develop an even more environment-friendly version of Croslite.

“Taking action to reduce our environmental footprint by implementing more sustainable practices across our entire business is the right thing to do for Crocs,” said CEO at Crocs, Andrew Rees.

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“As a company, we are deeply committed to accountability and we’re confident that we have the right team, the right innovations and the right partners to help us achieve our net zero ambitions by 2030.”

Crocs is also focusing on reducing packaging, and now 85% of its products are sold without boxes. The brand is involved in donating and recycling programs and intends to use only renewable energy in its headquarters and distribution centres.

The brand has also donated almost a million shoes to healthcare workers since 2020.

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