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Denttabs Launches Strawberry-Flavoured Vegan Toothpaste Tablets in India

Denttabs, a sustainable dental hygiene brand that offers toothpaste in the form of tablets, has launched new strawberry-flavoured toothpaste tablets. Targeted at kids who often do not like brushing teeth, the product can be used by children of three years and above. These strawberry flavoured tablets are enriched with distinctive fluoride properties prevent tooth decay and revitalise the aching tooth.

According to the Germany-based company, these toothpaste tablets do not require any deleterious stabilisers and additives due to their solid tablet form that has no water in its composition. The tablets are composed of 100% natural ingredients, and are vegan, plastic-free, artificial stabilisers-free, and preservatives-free.

Denttabs has roped in producer and conservationist Pragya Kapoor as the face of the brand in India. According to the company, “Pragya’s personal values strongly resonate with what the brand stands for, and she is immensely delighted to represent DENTTABS in the Indian market and chooses DENTTABS for her little ones.”

The brand has received a BDIH-COSMOS certification. Denttabs toothpaste tablets come in a packaging made of cornstarch laminated with paper, designed for industrial compost.

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