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Ethik’s New Campaign Promotes Leather-Free Living

Indian vegan leather brand ‘Ethik’ recently launched ‘The Live Leather Free’ campaign to promote awareness around cruelty-free fashion and sustainable alternatives, using their premium range of belts, wallets and shoes as the vehicle.

To encourage more buyers to adopt sustainable fashion, the company is offering up to 30% off on selected items under the ongoing campaign.

Unethical fashion has ravaged the planet for a long time. In addition to inflicting terrible suffering and death of billions of animals, the production of animal-derived materials has also contributed heavily to climate change, land devastation, water contamination and pollution. However, this has been the norm in the fashion industry since eons and even the biggest of brands continue to be an accomplice to this crime.

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Ethik aims to change this by using complete plant-based fashion alternatives. According to the company, its products use less water, save animal lives, and reduce overall carbon footprint of the fashion industry, while providing leverage to leather alternatives and promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle.

“Ethik was launched in 2012 to cater to the lack of high-quality non-leather footwear and accessories in the Indian market. Our material is the key to our success. Apart from the fact that our materials resemble leather, the most stunning feature is that they outperform their leather counterparts on most performance parameters. With the Live Leather Free campaign, we are delighted to offer conscious consumers, our ethically made premium non-leather products, which is the first step to Live Leather Free,” said Pankaj Khabiya, Ethik’s Founder, in a press statement.

vvegano“The Live Leather Free campaign is a one-of-a-kind initiative conceptualised by our marketing team to take our premium leather-free products to millions of conscious consumers in India. From shoes made from natural fibres, to wallets made from plant-based materials which are 100% recyclable, our design team has curated the trendiest sustainable range of products which we hope will delight our consumers,” added Co-founder Bharat Ranka.

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