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GoingZero Online Store Announces Offers, Free Shipping on Vegan Products

GoingZero, the online zero-waste vegan store, has announced special Independence Day offer and free shipping in a bid to promote the use of eco-conscious and vegan products.

The store was co-founded by Sagar Singh, an environmentalist and a Green Crusader awardee. He mentions in a press statement, “With the United Nations announcing ‘Code Red for Humanity’ on the climate change front, it is time for a paradigm change in vendor and consumer behaviour.”

“GoingZero values and encourages plastic-free, cruelty-free and chemical-free, vegan, zero-waste products. We serve to bring all eco-friendly businesses that serve nature, together, at a common platform, for conscious customers to buy quality products.”


The conscious marketplace offers items across different categories like Daily Use, Zero Waste Kit, Skin/Hair Care, Travel, Bathroom Essentials and Festival. The brand website runs on clean energy servers.

GoingZero aims at extending care for our wildlife and minimizing negative impact on the Earth. It explains its missions as: reducing waste, promoting hand-crafted, cruelty-free products that do not incur any damage to the environment.

It promises to sell products that are absolutely cruelty-free, have no animal testing done, non-factory made, handcrafted, infused with Indian traditions, combined with alternative ingredients and comes completely plastic-free with zero-waste packaging.

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