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Goodmylk Partners With The Switch Fix to Launch Plant Milk-Based Shampoo Bar

Goodmylk has joined hands with The Switch Fix, a Gurgaon-based personal care brand, to develop a shampoo bar enriched with plant milk. The frizz controlling Mylky Way shampoo bar contains Goodmylk’s protein-rich ‘cashew and oat mylk’, baobab protein, sunflower oil, amongst other ingredients.

The Switch Fix, with its focus on clean and sustainable products, chose Goodmylk as oat and cashew milks have a much lower water footprint when compared to dairy milk or other plant-based counterparts. “In a water-stressed country, it makes little sense to use a thousand litres of water to produce just 1 liter of milk. Oat uses one-twelfth the water required to produce one litre of milk. Cashew’s water footprint is similar to oats,” the company says.

“Dairying, responsible for deforestation at scale, typically uses almost nine square meters to produce one litre of milk while oat uses just 0.8 square meters to produce the same amount of milk. And of course, dairying is infamous for its methane burping fellow species,” it added.

The new formulation claims to manage a frizzy mane that is a result of our hair being exposed to more pollutants, rising temperature and humidity. Oats are known for their skin soothing properties, besides being rich in antioxidants, such as ferulic acid and vitamin e, which improves scalp health. Cashews, on the other hand, are protein-rich to help strengthen hair.

One 85 gm Mylky Way shampoo bar claims to last 30-35 washes and is priced at ₹459 currently. It comes in a sustainable packaging, and is sulphate and paraben-free. The 100% biodegradable and plant-based shampoo bar is available on the websites of both Goodmylk and The Switch Fix.

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