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HSI India Rolls Out India’s First Farm Animal Protection Leadership Programme

Humane Society International/India is building talent and leadership capacity in the farm animal protection sector by launching country’s first farm animal protection leadership programme. The initiative is aimed at creating vital career links between the sectors of animal agriculture, environment and climate change, nutrition and food security, public health and livelihoods.

The Farm Animal Protection Leadership Programme is a six-month programme for 30 chosen participants who are interested in maximising their impact for improving farm animal welfare, sustainability and livelihoods. The programme seeks to play a crucial role in creating the leadership to support intersectional programmes for the welfare of farm animals, the environment, public health and workers. Their leadership will bring new energy and talent into the sector.

Applications for the programme, which is set to begin in April 2021, are open till 21 February 2021.

Alokparna Sengupta, managing director of HSI/India, said in a press statement, “The Indian animal protection sector has historically been viewed as a movement of one or two issues, for example — companion animals and wild animals. However, farm animal issues involve trillions of animals whose welfare needs urgent attention. The protection of farm animals is at the intersection of environment protection, climate change mitigation, nutrition, food and water security, public health, livelihoods and labour welfare. Through this programme, we want to develop the skills of the next generation, to develop the movement’s next leaders; as a result, they will have values-aligned, far-reaching impact on animals and people.”

The programme will bring together leaders from across the world and India to equip the participants with:

  • Technical coaching in farm animal protection and allied sectors from renowned experts such as: Jeff Sebo, director, Animal Studies MA Program, New York University; Joyce Tischler, co-founder, Animal Legal Defense Fund; Dr. Michael Greger, founder, nutritionfacts.org; Gauri Maulekhi, trustee, People for Animals; and Nuggehalli Jayasimha, co-founder and COO, Global Food Partners; amongst many other subject matter experts.
  • Leadership coaching by Dr. Monica Sharma, a veteran of 22 years for leadership and capacity-building at the United Nations.
  • The opportunity to network with peer leaders in the sector.
  • Opportunities for fellowships and employment with India’s biggest farm animal protection organisations.

Animal agriculture is responsible for the cruel and intensive confinement and slaughter of over 1.5 trillion animals each year. It is also responsible for 14.5% – 16.5% of human-induced global greenhouse gas emissions, which is as much as the entire transportation industry combined.

There is a growing shift in the priorities of the animal protection sector in India: towards the growth and development of farm animal protection, and to bring in sustainable farming practices where animal welfare is a key ingredient.

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