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Indian Origin Entrepreneur Starts Vegan Food Delivery Platform in UK

Prashant Kumbhat, an Indian-born entrepreneur settled in UK, has rolled out a vegan food delivery service ‘Get Vegan Grub’, which he calls “an ethical alternative to Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eats”.

In a Linkedin post, Prashant said, “We’ve carved a niche for ourselves by working only with small, independent food businesses and by allowing only vegan and GF vegan food to be sold on our platform.”

Being a Jain, he was raised to follow the principles of Jainism, the most important of which is non-violence. “In Jainism, ahimsa means trying your best to reduce mental or physical violence against any living being. As is the norm in Jainism, I grew up a vegetarian, oblivious to the cruelty of the dairy industry.”

“A few years ago, my wife and I went to a Jain conference in North Carolina. The gentleman who led the conference spoke about why Jains should turn vegan if they truly want to follow the principles of the religion. The information he presented was nothing new to me, but it did make me think about my actions and their impact on innocent beings that were deprived of a happy life because of my gastric pleasure. My wife and I decided to turn vegan the very next day, and we’ve never looked back. It’s the best decision we’ve ever made!”

He says that Get Vegan Grub was never meant to be “just a business”. “I saw the opportunity for it to be an extension of how I want to live, and the values I want to promote. I never intended to profit from the torment and misery of voiceless animals. This is my way of giving back, my way of trying to make a difference, and my way of creating a blueprint for how I want entrepreneurs to think.”

Get Vegan Grub is the first platform in the UK to work with food businesses to help them sell their exclusively vegan food online.

“We treat our partners with respect, offering them an easy and affordable way to sell online. Unlike other platforms (like Just Eats, Uber Eats or Deliveroo) we do not overcharge our partners. This means our partners get to reinvest their profits back in their businesses,” his post read.

The company has partnered with Enviropack to provide a discounted rate to all food businesses. “We request that our chefs try their best to provide eco-friendly packaging. Better for the animals and better for the environment!”

The delivery service is set to launch in London in February 2021.

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