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India-based Carpe to Support No Evil Foods’ Plastic Negative Goal

With an aim to offset their plastic footprint, US-based maker of plant-based meat, No Evil Foods has announced its partnership with Aurangabad-based Carpe; becoming the first plant-based meat company to take a plastic-negative stance.

It has also partnered with US-based rePurpose Global, a movement of conscious consumers and businesses, to fulfil this goal by funding the recovery and recycling of two pounds of plastic waste for every one pound they generate.

Through rePurpose Global, Carpe, a civic engagement enterprise, will directly support No Evil Foods’ commitment by serving as their impact partner. Carpe works on waste management and boasts of expertise in building new value chains for plastic waste recovery and recycling across central and northern India.

Carpe will act as the on-the-ground support to recover twice the amount of low value plastic than the company’s plastic footprint. In the first year of the partnership, it is estimated that Carpe will remove ~8,000 lbs of plastic from the ecosystem – two times the amount of plastic used to produce No Evil Foods’ products.

“Our partnership with rePurpose has a positive environmental as well as a social impact. By offsetting our plastic waste through Carpe, we are also supporting a project that is dedicated to doing no harm to marginalized communities while striving to improve their conditions,” said Sadrah Schadel, co-founder of No Evil Foods, in a company release.

It is estimated that every year, eight million metric tons of plastic gets added to the existing 150 metric tons of plastic waste circulating in our oceans. “Becoming a Plastic Negative company through rePurpose Global enables us to be directly actionable in our mission to fuel and inspire positive impacts on people, planet, and animals. As a food manufacturer, plastic is a necessity to create safe products, but we can’t ignore our participation in a pressing global plastic-waste problem, ” Sadrah added.

“For No Evil Foods, that means committing to plastic neutrality and choosing to do business responsibly and sustainably by removing twice as much plastic waste generated from our packaging. Until viable alternatives exist, we will continue to seek ways to manage the impact of the creation of our products.”

No Evil Foods wraps each of their Plant Meat varieties in an unbleached kraft carton for a packaging material that is fully home compostable. Made from 100% compostable and recyclable materials, their packaging utilises plant-based ink and water-soluble adhesives.

Carpe’s mission is to partner with government bodies and communities in India and the world to establish solid waste management systems grounded in the principles of efficient resource utilisation, environmental sustainability and dignity of labour.

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