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Kate Hudson and Juice Beauty Launch Revitalizing Acacia and Rose Powder Mask in India

Juice Beauty has launched its newest product, Revitalizing Acacia + Rose Powder Mask, created in collaboration with Kate Hudson.

Kate and Juice Beauty founder Karen Behnke have a history of mutual admiration. Karen originally introduced Kate to the clean beauty movement 15 years ago, when Kate started using Juice Beauty products in her daily regime, and the pair have been talking about working together ever since.

“Kate embodies the Juice Beauty mission of fitness, wellness and environmentalism and I have revered her spirit, talent and business acumen since we first met,” said Karen in a media statement. “We got together just before the pandemic and decided it was finally time to kick off a partnership.  Coming out of Covid, we wanted to introduce a very personal, customizable ritual with an emphasis on self-care. Kate is wonderfully ingenious, and she was involved in every step of designing the mask, from the ingredient choices to the sensorial texture to the design of the packaging. She even designed the heart to coordinate with our logo drop!”

Talking about the brand, Kate said, “I feel a genuine connection to Juice Beauty and Karen. In fact, she was the one who opened my eyes to clean and green beauty over 15 years ago before it was a thing. She came to my house and detoxed my bathroom of conventional chemical brands. That was when I realized that I had to think differently about my beauty regimen just as I was already doing in other areas of my life. It’s exciting to finally be able to create this product together – and it’s not just another mask. It’s exceptional and you can really see the results instantly!”  

Sanjali Giri, Vice President- House of Beauty, said, “We are delighted to finally bring this product to the conscious and responsible beauty consumers in India soon after its remarkable global launch. Staying true to the brand character yet another wonderful product with authentically clean formula, Organic Ingredients, Cruelty Free and Vegan” 

With rising literacy and urbanisation, people are becoming more aware of the negative effects of chemicals and synthetic compounds used in personal care products (such as parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and formaldehyde). Given the polluted atmosphere and heat that Indian metropolitan cities are exposed to, Juice Beauty seeks to change the composition of such skincare products, which will provide its clients with safer means of skincare and therefore enable their natural beauty to prevail.

With an increase in consumer spending, a growing number of people are turning to higher-quality natural products like organic personal care products. Kate and Karen set out to find unique plant based organic powder ingredients that would produce the highest efficacy and clinically validated the results, said the statement.

Kate Hudson Juice Beauty Revitalizing Acacia + Rose Powder Mask contains Acacia Powder, Rose Petal Phyto-Pigment Powder, Organic Aloe powder, Organic Grape Skin Powder, Hyaluronic acid, Illite Clay, and Organic Olive Leaf Powder.

Like all Juice Beauty skincare, the Revitalizing Acacia  + Rose Powder Mask exemplifies sustainability in its highest form, Organic Ingredients on the inside, sustainable packaging on the outside. The Italian glass jar and FSC-certified wooden cap (made without a plastic liner) are both recyclable, the outside package is made with 100% FSC paper to protect the forests, and everything is shipped from Juice Beauty’s Solar Powered headquarters in a Recycled/FSC shipper box. The sample-sized jars are made from farm plant materials.

The Juice Beauty Revitalizing Acacia + Rose Powder Mask is now available at Boddess, Sephora & Tata CliQ Luxury.

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