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MilkinOats Introduces ‘India’s First’ Homegrown Oat Milk Chocolates

MilkinOats, one of India’s first homegrown oatmilk brands, has launched a range of chocolates, which the company says is the first-of-its-kind in the country. MilkinOats‘ Chalet Chokolad is a range of premium chocolates developed in Swiss chalets, and are a blend of 40% oat milk and cocoa. They are 100% vegan, natural, dairy-free, preservatives-free and additives-free.

According to the company, “The secret recipe ensures chocolates are super smooth with a velvety texture and made to perfection without using any dairy products.”

Chalet Chokolad is available in two variants, namely Chalet Velvety and Chalet Almond Crunch. Chalet Velvety is a handcrafted 40% oatmilk chocolate made with cocoa beans from Idukki in Kerala, while Chalet Almond Crunch also contains almonds.

“We have carefully crafted our milk, made from high-fibre oats, with a single-minded focus to offer customers with a perfect dairy free alternative that fits easily into every Indian kitchen. We are totally obsessed with oats and passionate about sharing its benefits with all,” says Ashna Goel, co-founder of MilkinOats, in a statement provided to The Vegan Indians.

There are several health benefits of oats. They are a rich source of beta-glucans dietary fibre that supports weight loss and helps in the regulation of bowel movement. Antioxidants present in oats keep heart healthy and the dietary fibre helps lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the human body which in turn helps prevent heart diseases. Besides these benefits, oats contain Lignan compound, which reduces the chances of hormone-related cancers like breast, prostate and ovarian cancer. Oats also help maintain blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

“Oats as a product is quite unexplored and underused in India, unlike the west where people consume oats regularly. The most interesting aspect about oats is that you can consume it in any of your meal from breakfast to dinner and in numerous ways. They are not only our morning companion but also our quick fix during hunger pangs and as evening snacks. Despite of the vast health benefits oats offer, people in India are quite unaware about the same,” Ashna adds.

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