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Mumbaikars Can Now Savour Vegan Chicken Keema Biryani at Charcoal Eats

Mumbai-based Charcoal Eats has announced that it is launching plant-based Chicken Keema Biryani in partnership with Blue Tribe, a Mumbai-based startup making a variety of plant-based meat products.

According to a media statement, the 100% vegan biryani is aimed at discerning consumers who love the taste of meat, but want to consciously cut down on their meat consumption for ethical, religious, environmental or health reasons.

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The biryani has the “taste, texture, mouthfeel and bite of a real chicken”, says the statement.

Plant-based meat has proved to be a sustainable answer to global food security and addresses environmental concerns with respect to raising animals for consumption. Producing meat requires huge amounts of resources: water, crops and land. Further, the meat industry is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the world, according to the United Nations.

Established in 2015, Charcoal Eats is a tech-enabled, direct-to-consumer venture, with its menu comprises a range of biryanis, kebabs and rolls. It serves over 50,000 consumers a month through its 29 outlets across Mumbai and its environs.

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