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Mylkcubator: World’s First Incubator for Cell-Based Dairy Alternatives

Pascual Innoventures, the leading Spanish dairy manufacturer, has launched what it claims to be the first global incubator program for cellular agriculture technologies in the dairy industry. Known as Mylkcubator, the program focuses completely on the development of innovative companies specialised in the implementation of new technologies in the food value chain.

Forging an alliance with Eatable Adventures, one of the major global accelerators in food technology space, Mylkcubator’s first edition will last six months helping to grow 10 potential start-ups in the spectrum of cellular agriculture and fermentation of the dairy industry.

Over the span of six months, participants will get a chance to meet highly specialised professionals and veterans within the dairy innovative space. With proper feedback and guidance on the entire product development process, they will also be given advice on making prototypes and scaling up production.

According to Gabriel Torres Pascual, Director of Innovation, Pascual Innoventures, “The entrepreneurial and innovative spirit is in our genes, it comes from the nonconformist attitude that my grandfather, Tomás Pascual, instilled in us. The one that makes us dream big and dare to take risks, not only with our heads but also with our hearts. And that same attitude is what makes us look and anticipate the future by betting on a project like Mylkcubator”.

With an objective to reduce the environmental footprint to a minimum and allowing other start-ups to excel in the cellular agriculture sector, Mylkcubator incorporates high-tech solutions to increase sustainable production models in the plant-based sector.

Established in 1969, Pascual Innoventures is a family-owned Spanish dairy giant which currently operates six production plants with a presence in 63 countries globally. Apart from dairy products, the venture also produces soy-based beverages, fruit juices and coffee drinks.

Besides the Mylkcubator, Pascual Innoventures is also working on many other strategic projects, which seek to respond and provide solutions to some of the great challenges of the agri-food sector, such as food safety, health and well-being and the circular economy.

Currently, companies using cellular agriculture to produce dairy alternatives are few in number including, Israel-based BioMilk and Singapore-based TurtleTree Labs.

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