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Nestle Introduces Pea-Based Milk Alternative Brand ‘Wunda’

Nestle has announced that it is going to launch a new pea-based milk alternative under the brand name Wunda. The new product will be launched in three versions – original, unsweetened and chocolate. The company says that the beverage is a “superhero” that is “epic for everything”. The product will be initially launched in France, the Netherlands, and Portugal, with a rollout in other European markets as planned.

According to Stefan Palzer, Chief Technology Officer, Nestle, “This truly versatile, delicious pea-based beverage is an excellent source of protein and fibre. Its great neutral taste, the ability to use it for different applications and the fact that it is carbon neutral make it an ideal plant-based alternative to milk. Our young intrapreneurs created this great product based on their own consumer needs by leveraging our longstanding expertise in plant-proteins and dairy.”

The Swiss company says that the Wunda brand is completely carbon-neutral certified by Carbon Trust. The beverage offers high-quality protein with added nutritional values compared to other plant-based beverages on the market. Neutral taste and high protein content allow the product to be versatile with multiple uses.

Nestle affirms that its pea-based milk is superior to its rival soy, almond and oats because of its higher nutritional value and low environmental footprints. Nestle Malaysia had recently introduced plant-based Nescafé lattes in oat and almond versions, while also launching a dairy-free Milo in the country. The new Milo variant will be rolled out across Asia.

Plant-based milk and meat alternatives are gaining tremendous popularity among environmentally conscious consumers and are catching investors’ attention. According to experts, it is estimated that the Global Vegan Food Market could surpass $31 billion by 2024 and the plant-based milk sector on its own may exceed $34 billion by the same year.

“Plant-based in food and drinks is really on the rise and I think it’s very structural,” Nestle’s Head of Dairy for Europe, Middle East, and North Africa Cedric Boehm said. “I’ve been in business for many years and I’ve never seen a category growing so fast or so strong.”

Nestle is meticulously working to combat climate change and overturn environmental damages. They have also been progressively working with pea proteins to provide healthier meat substitutes. By adding plant-based options across its brands like Nesquik chocolate drinks, KitKat chocolate and Nescafe coffee, Nestle is showcasing its dedication towards its environmental conscious mission.

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