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Pune-Based Soyarich Foods Launches New Range of Flavoured Vegan Yogurts, Cheesy Spreads

Adding flavour to festivities and in tune with the upcoming World Vegan Day, Pune-based soy protein company ‘Soyarich Foods’ has introduced a new range of vegan yogurts and spreads.

The company, which has been into the manufacturing of tofu for almost a decade, is now diversifying its product portfolio keeping up with the rising demand for alternative dairy in the country.

The new line of products includes, Yofu – a plant-based vegan yogurt – in Mango, Berry Blast, and Apple Cinnamon flavours; and two flavours of cheesy spreads – Garlic and Italian Herb.

Delectable Flavours

The Soyarich yogurt range contains real fruit pulp, and has zero added flavours, no artificial colours, and low sugar content, making it an optimal choice even for the health-conscious. The soy-based yogurt has more protein compared to other non-dairy yogurts, and can be consumed by vegans, lactose-intolerant and those with nut allergies.

Cheesy spreads by Soyarich

On the launch, Paval Agrawal, Founder and Partner at Soyarich Foods, said, “We first became aware about the benefits of soy when my vegetarian grandmother was told to consume it to overcome her protein-related health issues. Her recovery made us research more about soy, and we ended up starting Soyarich in 2013.”

“With our expertise in soy-based products, we decided to come up with this new range of yogurts, spreads and pickles, because we felt the need to cater to the younger and eco-conscious generation looking for good quality vegan products. We are already witnessing a growth in veganism in the country and there was no better time than this, to launch our wholesome products.”

Besides the yogurt and spread, Soyarich has also rolled out another interesting product – ‘Tofu Pickle’ – in Hot & Sour and Panchamrit variants.

Tofu pickles by Soyarich

The above new products strengthen the existing portfolio of the company that includes a tofu range.

All Soyarich products are completely palm-oil free, making them completely environment-friendly by not contributing to biodiversity loss in rainforests.

The products are currently available at select stores in Pune, but will be launched across several Indian cities over the coming months.

Visit www.soyarichfoods.com to know more

Pavan Agrawal can be reached at +91 90961 25401

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