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Singapore-Based Alt-Milk Brand ‘Only Earth’ Debuts in India

Only Earth, a Singapore-based brand, has launched a range of plant-based milks in India. Currently offering unflavoured versions of oat, coconut and almond milk, the company plans to launch flavoured variants soon.

Launched this year, the brand is founded by Kunal Mutha, who is a vegan himself from the past two years and is an aspiring athlete. His concern for climate change and animal cruelty motivated him to start this venture. Kunal is also the Founder and Managing Director of Naturise Consumer Products.

kunal mutha only earth
Kunal Mutha, CEO, Mohan Mutha Group

Highlighting the importance of a plant-based diet, Only Earth claims to use efficient methods of producing food with a lower environmental footprint in order to meet the global population’s food requirements.

The company says that its products are ‘high-quality’ with no preservatives, no added sugar, no lactose, made with all-natural ingredients and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Only Earth is currently manufacturing its products at a third-party facility in Singapore. Its products are available on various online platforms in India such as Amazon, Big Basket and QTROVE. The plant-based milks come in a one litre pack and are priced at Rs 300 each.

Only Earth is soon going to launch oat milk in three new flavours – Cappuccino, Mixed Berry, and Belgian Chocolate – and is also coming up with Café Latte, French Vanilla and Rich Chocolate flavours in almond milk.

The plant-based milk brand’s ideology focuses on “changing diet to fight climate change and save our Only Planet”.

In a statement sent to The Vegan Indians, Kunal said, “Our vision is to save the only planet we have. We believe in giving an option to our audience for a greener choice, so we can save our planet. We humans have evolved in every aspect of life, be it exploring outer space, living longer or travelling at supersonic speeds. But our food system is still extremely inefficient and unsustainable as a majority of us are still consuming the required nutrients from secondary sources through meat & dairy. One of the key ways to save our planet is to change the way we eat.”

We at Only Earth are committed to taking animals out of the food equation and start combating climate change by reducing dependency on dairy so that it can be good for you and good for the environment too.”

As stated by the company, 83% of farmland is dedicated to rearing livestock but animal products provide only 18% of the calories which are insufficient for an adult human body because of which making a switch to plant-based beverages can ethically save the Earth.

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