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Swedish Pork-Alternative Startup ‘Hypnotising’ People to Get Off Meat

Raging Pig Company, a Swedish vegan startup making plant-based pork alternative, has launched the world’s first hypnosis therapy to get people off meat for life. Hypnotherapy is considered a powerful tool when dealing with trauma or disrupting destructive behavioural patterns or addictions.

The company is offering a specialised three-step program called the “Get off Meat” hypnosis that is supposed to be a miracle cure for people ‘infected with the meateatism disease’.

Guided by hypnotherapist Anna-Maj Velander, it is readily available on Spotify, Apple podcast and other major podcast vehicles.

Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of global warming. Heavy consumption of meat also increases health risks and has been linked to heart ailments, obesity, diabetes, and even certain kinds of cancer. This therapy is targeted towards those who, despite understanding the health, ethical and environmental hazards associated with eating meat, find it difficult to quit.

“I’ve seen people make life changing decisions and resolve significant previous misunderstandings or hurtful beliefs during hypnosis sessions. Hypnosis is in fact a very powerful tool to create long lasting effects on how we perceive the world and thus act in our own life,” Velander noted.

The renowned therapist herself transitioned from a flexitarian diet to a complete plant-based one while working on the Get Off Meat program and the feedback received from testers has also been positive.

The unconventional session consists of three 20 minutes sessions during which she guides the audience, while resetting their attitude towards meat consumption.

The Raging Pig is focusing on plant-based bacon products. Their flagship product vegan bacon shall have the same taste and texture as pork bacon and will start rolling out from Q1, 2022.

The organisation is a member of “1% for the planet” and has also partnered with “Shelter Farm Sanctuary”.

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