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Ubuntu Community – The Vegan Cafe, Kolkata

Ubuntu Community – The Vegan Cafe is Kolkata’s first eco-friendly vegan cafe started by environmentalists Abhinav Bajpai and Vikash Bihani in September 2019. It was later joined by Shreya Saha and Richie Sharma. The cafe is themed around sustainability and cruelty-free lifestyle. Ubuntu, which is the core principle of the café, is an African Zulu word that translates to ‘I am because we are’.

Ubuntu serves 100% plant-based food with a wide range of cuisines such as Bengali, North Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Mediterranean. The café boasts of a 25 page menu that features an extensive list of food items. Highlights of the menu are Fysh Fry, Kosha Manggsho (Bengali meat Curry), Butter Chycken, Sahi Vada, Grilled Shrymps, Chycken Tikka Pizza, Cheesecake and many more.

The interiors of the Ubuntu café is done with upcycled materials, and all its packaging
uses bagasse (sugarcane waste); the café is single-use plastic free! It focuses on creating awareness for a kinder lifestyle through food, conversation and events.

Location – 188/85, Jodhpur Colony, Lake Gardens, Kolkata

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