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This December, Let’s Meet Those Who Are Making a Difference

The festive month has finally arrived and there is a spirit of positivity around us. In tune with the holiday mood, The Earthen One is celebrating the youth of this country who have taken the future and sustainability of India into their own hands.

The event ‘December for Youth’ is being organised by The Earthen One in association with Vegan Outreach, Ahimsa Festival, UFCI, Voiceless India, Plant Power and The Vegan Indians. It includes a series of online events celebrating youth heroes who are working tirelessly and selflessly towards the cause animal welfare and plant-based nutrition. The online sessions will see plant-based chefs, animal lovers, plant-based influencers, and young sustainable business owners, who are helping create a better and a more compassionate world.

Through the virtual ride from 5-27 December, the attendees will be able to learn about vegan delicacies and plant-based nutrition, and will get to meet some really inspirational teenagers and young adults. The first session is ‘Divij-ious Dishes’, a live cooking session by Divij Agarwal, on 5 December. Divij is a 19-year-old chef and a certified plant-based nutritionist, and he will surely amaze you with his Italian favourites.

Other events are mentioned in the image below:

The earthen one


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