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Vegan Musician Moby is Releasing a Cookbook, Proceeds to go Towards Animal Welfare

Renowned American musician, singer and songwriter Moby is working on a cookbook titled ‘The Little Pine Cookbook’. The hardcover collection will include 125 recipes inspired from his Los Angeles-based vegan bistro restaurant ‘Little Pine’.

Moby opened the Mediterranean-style eatery in 2015 with a mission of donating all profits to animal welfare charities. Starting from orecchiette with braised leeks, fried cauliflower with kimchi aioli, asparagus and English peas, to chocolate bread pudding, the book includes recipes of all the delectable vegan fare served at the bistro.

Since 2020 and his departure from the restaurant, it has been operated by local vegan investors who continue supporting the charities. Moby has pledged that all proceeds from the book too shall be donated to the cause of animal welfare.

“And of course, it is my plan to give away any and all profits that I make from the sale of the book. Working to create a world wherein animals are allowed to live their own lives, free from human interference, is my life’s work, and I could never look at veganism as a way to personally profit,” Moby wrote on his Instagram.

Born as Richard Melville Hall, Moby has sold over 20 million records worldwide. A passionate animal rights advocate, he has been practicing veganism for over 30 years. In 2015, Moby came up with a music festival which had an impressive line-up of speakers, artists, food vendors and chefs to benefit ‘Mercy for Animals’- an international non-profit fighting to eradicate cruel food system on ethical and ecological grounds.

In 2016 he supported #TurnYourNoseUp, a social media campaign in association with the non-profit ‘Farms not Factories’ created to raise awareness and end factory farming.

moby vegan cookbook
“Animal rights are more important to me than any small, selfish concerns I might have,” says Moby.

He is also credited with writing four other books, including two memoirs: ‘Porcelain: A Memoir’ and ‘Then it Fell Apart’, which hit the stands in 2016 and 2019 respectively.  All profits from his 2018 album ‘Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts’ were also donated to support animal charities. He sold off his 1.3 million New York property to benefit the same cause.

“Animal rights are more important to me than any small, selfish concerns I might have,” he said.

Rescuing a cat named Tucker inspired Moby to become a vegetarian. He and his mother nursed the stray back to health and one day while playing with Tucker he decided to dedicate his life to the cause of animal welfare. He has “Vegan for Life” tattooed on his neck and to commemorate his thirty 32nd year of going vegan, the 55 year old got “Animal Rights” tattooed on his arms. He also got a ‘VX’ tattoo over his right eye. The ‘V’ stands for vegan while the ‘X’ references his sobriety.

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