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India’s Top Ranking Law University Launches First-of-its-Kind Course in Animal Protection

With cases of animal cruelty rising across India, the need for stronger animal protection laws is becoming even more important.

In an effort to upskill students with legal knowledge required for animal protection, Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad, in collaboration with the Animal Law Centre and Humane Society International/ India has launched India’s first post-graduate master’s course in animal protection laws.

The two-year M.A. Program/Advanced Diploma in Animal Protection Laws course aims to fill the gap created due to a lack of trained professionals in the animal protection space. Besides equipping them with the knowledge related to law and constitution, the program will help them understand the legal aspects of animal protection.

The course at Nalsar will encompass laws relating to prevention of animal cruelty, criminal procedure, wildlife laws, and other policies concerning animal welfare directly, as well as how to report crimes against animals.

Animal Law Centre stated in an Instagram post: “The law has in the past always categorised animals as things to be used, owned and vivisected for human benefit, but this is changing. Apply to M.A. Program/Advanced Diploma in Animal Protection Laws to learn about the rights of animals in India and the need for better legal classification of animals that recognises their inherent value as more than just tools for humans with an emphasis on Animal Legal Personhood.”

The master’s program and an additional one-year advanced diploma course are open for applications, according to a statement by the university.

“In order to build a more equitable world, we must examine how the legal system impacts welfare as a whole. Through this program, NALSAR aims to create experts, be it lawyers or other professionals, in allied sectors catering to animal protection and specializing in the legal aspects of animal laws in India, as well as internationally recognized laws,” said Alokparna Sengupta, managing director of HSI/India and honorary director for the Animal Law Centre.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to understand the legal and jurisprudential patterns of animals protection and animal welfare issues, and to be well-equipped to handle practical and contemporary aspects and challenges faced on the ground,” she added.

The master’s course will offer access to reading materials, presentations and video lectures on an online platform developed specifically for the course. The last date for the admission of the course is 16 August 2021.

Nalsar University of Law had established India’s first Centre for Animal Law in 2017. It creates curriculum on animal welfare laws, including developing topics for research. It also conducts workshops on animal laws and animal welfare issues with judicial magistrates, animal welfare advocates, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders in the government.

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