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Thursday, February 22, 2024

VFC: A ‘Fried Chicken’ Brand Sans the ‘K’illing

British Vegans now have one more reason to rejoice as a new vegan brand has hit the market. Cleverly named Vegan Fried Chicken or VFC, the brand has been launched by Veganuary founder Matthew Glover and restauranteur Adam Lyons.

The company says that its vegan chicken is high in protein and planet friendly, and it has saved over “357 chickens since its launch in December!” With quirky creatives and catchy taglines, VFC has managed to create a buzz all over social media. The website mentions, “Thanks Colonel, we’ll take it from here. We set out to make great-tasting food that doesn’t cost a wing and a leg. We took fresh, wholesome plants, worked some magic, then deep-fried them to create the most amazing Vegan Fried Chick*n.”

vegan fried chicken
VFC chicken is made from wheat flour, often known as wheat meat, vital wheat gluten or seitan

Glover told VegNews, “There are many ways to dismantle unjust systems, and we intend VFC to be part of the movement that puts an end to factory farming for good.”

VFC chicken is made from wheat flour, often known as wheat meat, vital wheat gluten or seitan. The starch is rinsed away, leaving the high-protein gluten behind, which has a meaty taste and texture. It contains 19.6g protein per 100g of vegan chicken. VFC chicken is a frozen product and comes in the form of bites, fries and fillets.

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