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WLTH: Redefining Nature-Based Healing with Adaptogens

After struggling with recurring hepatitis for a long time, Arshia Pasricha, Founder and CEO, WLTH, looked for natural remedies that could be trusted. She reversed her liver disease naturally through a holistic approach and a plant-based diet. Having to deal with an overwhelming range of products, most of which were of poor quality and didn’t live up to their claims, she devoted her time to creating innovative solutions that are accessible, scientifically rigorous and manufactured with quality and transparency in mind.

In an interaction with The Vegan Indians, she revealed more about the brand and its mission. Here are the excerpts:

What is WLTH all about and what’s the story behind it?

WLTH is an acronym for we love to heal. We are a new-age wellness brand that is redefining the concept of wealth by raising awareness on holistic health and wellness as the real wealth in Omni dimensions. We create natural stress management products that promote holistic healing and serve as the perfect addition to our daily self-care rituals. We have launched five scientifically formulated herbal supplements: WLTH Energy Flow, WLTH Calm Ease, WLTH Mood Lift, WLTH Focus Now, and WLTH Immunity & Gut. Our potent celestial elixirs contain the ancient healing power of herbal adaptogens for balanced mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

My desire to address my personal pain points and impact people positively was the driving force behind the creation of WLTH.

You are promoting the concept of adaptogens. Tell us more about it.

Adaptogens are natural superheroes of the herbal world that have been used worldwide since ancient times. They are widely used as a Qi tonic in traditional Chinese medicine and are referred to as Rasayana herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. They are known to enhance vitality, longevity and spirit. Adaptogens are special kinds of plants and herbs that help your body overcome various stress factors (including physical, mental, emotional and environmental) while helping you restore your body’s balance and making it perform its functions optimally. They offer a variety of health benefits that differ from person to person when taken daily. They promote overall general health and support the body’s homeostasis (balance).

The concept of wellness in a box sounds interesting. How are customers responding to it?  

We are elated that we have been able to create a science-backed wellness solution that actually works. We wanted to introduce our audience to a new experience that can be easily incorporated into their wellness daily routine. Our early adopters are loving our wellness tins and thoroughly enjoying the WLTH experience.

How have you created the formula? Are these certified by any safety agencies?

Our research and development team spent over two years researching with doctors, botanists, herbalists and scientists, sourcing and perfecting our full spectrum formulas. They created scientifically designed blends with fast-acting and sustained release adaptogenic matrix with nutrients in their best forms. Our ingredients are approved in FSSAI list of permissible ingredients and are well within safe dosage limits. Our products are sustainably sourced, 100% vegan, non- GMO, and gluten+soy free. The blends are free of nasty chemicals and are made from wild-crafted and USDA organic ingredients. We are in the process of getting other certifications.

What parameters do you use to measure the efficacy of your products?

Our ingredients are well researched and clinically studied. We have done a mass study and focus groups of our formulas and taken feedback on the experience of the products and their health benefits from our volunteers. The majority of the volunteers felt a difference in the first few days itself and a substantial difference after two weeks of usage (one pack).

Our products are third-party lab tested and proudly made in India at a USFDA registered, ISO 9001: 2008 certified + HACCP and WHO-GMP accredited facility. Every element in the process, from formulation to manufacturing, complies with WHO-GMP practices.

Who is your target audience?

Our products are designed for educated customers looking to consume clean and natural products devoid of added sugar, artificial colors/flavors, harmful ingredients, and nasty chemicals. Our celestial elixirs are keto, paleo, diabetic-friendly and intend to make daily wellness regimens easier by bringing lifestyle balance in physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health. The product is for all genders and 18+ age groups.

Are you targeting the corporate gifting segment?

We received countless requests from our consumers to gift wrap their orders in the first few months of our launch. We heard them and are launching a gift wellness campaign soon that will target the overall gifting segment.

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