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BREAKING: PlantMade Forays into Alt-Meat Space, to Launch ‘India’s First’ Plant-Based Lamb Seekh Kebab

PlantMade, the company behind India’s first vegan egg, is now set to make its debut in the plant-based meat market with its product – Peshawari Seekh Kebab.

The New Delhi-based startup will roll out plant-based lamb kebabs in the city this week, with a launch planned for other cities in July. The company is best known for its ‘Vegetarian Anda’ and a range of vegan instant beverages, spreads and butters.

“We have been working on the plant-based seekh kebab for a long time as we always wanted to be in this space. While other companies were going for minced meat or global formats, we wanted to do a universal format but with a very specific Indian taste. For me, the best seekh kebabs are the ones at Bukhara in New Delhi. Since I have trained in that restaurant and they have got a great product, I decided to replicate that. We have used the same recipe to get the exact level of fat and juiciness in order to replicate that in a plant-based format,” Prakarshi Pulkit, Co-Founder, PlantMade, told The Vegan Indians.

PlantMade’s Peshawri Seekh Kebab will be rolled out in New Delhi this week. It will be followed by launches in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Goa, and other cities in July.

Priced at ₹399, the ready to cook frozen kebabs will be available in a 240 gram pack with three pieces of 80 grams each.

The product is being co-manufactured by BVeg Foods, a Delhi-based co-manufacturer and distributor of plant-based meats.

Prakarshi, who is a trained chef, said that although the spices and the flavour used in the recipe make it taste more like a lamb dish, the company decided to name it Peshawari Seekh Kebab so that it shouldn’t be a deterrent for people who don’t eat mutton and lamb.

The company is already working on other formats such as chicken nuggets, sausages, burger patties and shredded chicken. “We are trying to finalise the one we’re going to do first and maybe by August we will have a clear picture,” he said.

Prakarshi also told us about the company’s plans in the cloud kitchen space. “Considering that a lot of chefs and hotel management graduates have lost their jobs over the past year, we’re trying to train these people as intrapreneurs and we will give them all licenses, menus, training, raw material, and packaging material. We will then list our brand as a restaurant on Zomato and Swiggy.”

PlantMade is in talks with several restaurants and hotels for its products. “Hopefully, we will be able to get commitments from a few restaurants. We have got commitments from a couple of five star hotels that want to put us on the menu, but we are still waiting to see how that unfolds,” the chef added.

The company is also in talks with flight kitchens and brands like Domino’s.

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