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Craving a Burger? Try These Healthier Vegan Options!

Burgers are undoubtedly one of the most popular food items across the world. The ease of preparation, faster service and the option to have it on the go, make it a favourite dish amongst all sections of society. It is also a widely popular snack for in-between meal cravings.

Although exotic to India, burgers are now well entrenched in the Indian palate with all major brands operating in the country for decades. While, average consumers have enough options and varieties to choose from, vegans are left with limited options, which too require a lot of customisation. To cater to this growing segment of customers, a few Indian players have jumped into this market and are now catering to vegans with their innovative range of burgers.

In this story, we have captured some of the popular names in this space

Beyond Buns

Based in New Delhi, this vegan burger brand has created a niche for itself in a short span of time. Owned by Narhari Gupta, who is a chef himself, it offers several interesting vegan burger options like AlooTikki Reimagined, Chrome Chaap, Mindful Shami and Arabic Twist.

Narhari is passionate about his burgers and puts in his best to offer customers a healthier and tastier choice. He told us, “Our best-selling burger is AlooTikki Reimagined burger in which our signature whole wheat potato bun is smeared with our special beyond cocktail sauce and topped with farm fresh salad consisting of seasonal leafy greens, juicy tomatoes, tangy jalapenos and sweet & sour pickled onion rings. On top of that comes our home-made crunchy potato patty sprinkled with some peri-peri spice mix. To finish this great burger, it is finally topped up with some spicy matchstick potatoes and then crowned with the other top of the bun. Aloo-Tikki Reimagined burger is usually paired with beyond nuggets and cold brew iced tea.”

beyond buns
Tempting vegan burgers by Beyond Buns

Beyond Buns is planning to launch a range of healthy and unique salads, and is also planning to introduce some mock meats in its menu items. Narhari said, “We are gradually building a small community of people who love our food. And a great thing is that 80 percent of our total customers are repeat.”

One may order their burgers via online delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato, or directly.

Ubuntu Community – The Vegan Cafe

Located in Kolkata, Ubuntu is considered as Kolkata’s first 100% vegan café. Its USP is a 25-page menu that features a wide variety of items. Ubuntu’s burgers are equally popular amongst vegans, vegetarians and even non vegetarians. The Falafel Burger and Subway Burger are a favourite amongst vegetarians and vegans, while Chycken Tikka Burger and Pulled Pourk Burger are a hit amongst non vegetarians. The café uses soy for Chycken Tikka Burger and fresh oyster mushrooms for Pulled Pourk Burger. All the burgers are made of fresh ingredients with a focus on making them as healthy as possible. The wholewheat buns are made in-house.

ubuntu cafe
Pulled Pourk Burger and Falafel Burger by Ubuntu Cafe

On new burger offerings, Abhinav Bajpai of Ubuntu told us, “We are going to replicate burgers sold by major burger chains and will launch them soon.” One can also order their burgers via online delivery platforms, as well as via direct orders.

Bean Me Up

This Goa-based restaurant is frequented both by locals and tourists looking for some solitude and mouth-watering vegan food. Owner Shawn Rodrigues makes sure to use organic and fresh ingredients in all dishes. The restaurant serves two types of burgers – tofu and bean.

bean me up
Enjoy delicious burgers in soothing environs of Bean Me Up in Goa

“We make all burger buns in-house and source locally produced organic ingredients. Our bean burger is made of local Goan beans called Alsano, while our tofu burger is made of organic soybean. We make tofu in-house and supply to other restaurants as well,” said Shawn. Bean Me Up is celebrating 25 years in Goa this year.

Rare Earth Café

rare earth cafe
Lip-smacking burgers by Rare Earth Cafe

Started by Shammi Sethi, this Mumbai-based café has an elaborate menu. Even in burgers, it offers a wide variety of regular burgers and mini sliders. One may choose from Keema Patty Burger, protein-rich Secret Seven Burger, Veg Tandoori Burger and Mushroom Burger. Amongst mini sliders, the options include Spiced Tofu Burger, Aloo Patty Slider Burger and Secret Seven Soldier. The variety and innovative options make it a must-try joint for burger lovers.

Earthlings Café

earthlings cafe
Healthy burger options from Earthlings Cafe

Another Mumbai-based 100% vegan café, Earthlings serves a delicious variety of burgers. One may choose from Vegan Mock Chicken Patty Burger, Exotic Veggie Patty, Sweet Potato and Roasted Peanut Patty Burger and Aubergine Patty Burger. All their burgers are served with potato wedges and a vegan coleslaw. One may either visit the café to get a taste of their burgers or order online.

If you are looking for vegan burger options, then do try them out!

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