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Creamy Spinach Quinoa Recipe

Preparation time: 20 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

Serves: 2


1 cup quinoa

2 cups spinach, chopped finely

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp garlic

1 small onion, chopped

1 cup mixed vegetables of your choice – We have taken broccoli, corn, red bell peppers, yellow bell pepper, mushroom, zucchini and pumpkin.

1 cup almond milk or any plant-based milk of your choice

1 cup water

2 tbsp refined flour

1 tsp red chilli flakes

1 tsp mixed dried herbs

½ tsp pepper powder

Salt as per taste


Take 1 cup quinoa and cook it with two cups water on low flame.  Alternatively, cook as per instructions on the pack. Keep aside.

Soften vegetables by blanching, sauteing or steaming. Keep aside.

Now, take a pan and heat oil.

When oil is heated, add garlic and saute till raw aroma goes away.

Now add onions and saute till they turn slight brown

Add spinach and cook till it becomes soft.

Now, add flour and mix well.

Lower the flame and slowly add almond milk and water

Bring the mixture to a boil and then add vegetables

Add salt, herbs, chilli flakes and pepper

Mix everything well and add cooked quinoa

Make sure the mixture combines with quinoa well

Add vegan cheese or butter if required

Serve immediately

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