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Goodmylk Forays into Plant-Based Cheese, Starts Sample Tasting in Bengaluru

Goodmylk, the Bengaluru-based dairy alternative company, on Friday announced its entry into the Indian plant-based cheese market. The company had been creating a buzz on its social media page over the last few days by asking its followers to guess the soon-to-be-launched product.

Its first plant-based cheese in Cheddar form is currently available only in Bengaluru. The product is under development but customers in the city can get a taste of Goodmylk cheese by purchasing a sample priced at ₹330.

The company is retailing the product online for sample tasting through a dedicated webpage that mentions “Cheddar – cultured plant-based cheese that grates well, melts like a dream, and is clean label.” You can order the sample here

The page clearly mentions that the product is not final and the company will fine-tune it as per customer feedback before final launch. It tells customers what to expect – “a plain packet with Goodmylk cheddar cheese in it. No stickers. This is a product that is under development and will launch after we fine tune it based on customer feedback.”

Goodmylk was started by Abhay Rangan, a 19 year-old vegan activist in 2016. The company currently offers a variety of plant-based milks, vegan butter, vegan mayonnaise and peanut curd.

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