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Indian MPs Go Vegan on World Environment Day, Urge People to Move to Plant-Based Diet

In a one-of-a-kind pledge by political leaders, several Members of Parliament (MPs) from across party lines have pledged to eat vegan on the occasion of World Environment Day to raise awareness on how incorporating more Earth-friendly foods in our diets could help save the environment.

The MPs who will forgo all meat, dairy, and other animal-derived foods include, Maneka Gandhi, Shafiqur Rahman Barq, Bellana Chandra Sekhar, Ajay Bhatt, Anuradha Chinta, Sunita Duggal, Vijay Hansdak, and Kaushal Kishore.

“Just by eating more plants over animal-derived foods, we can fight climate change and other environmental effects with simple diet change,” says MP Anuradha Chinta in a PETA press release.

Meanwhile, MP Kaushal Kishore shared a video message urging everyone to eat vegan this World Environment Day. Watch it below:

Animal agriculture or factory farming is a leading cause of pollution, ocean dead zones, land use, habitat destruction, and species extinction. It also uses one-third of the world’s freshwater resources and, by some estimates, creates more greenhouse-gas emissions than all of the world’s transportation systems combined.

A study published in the journal Nature said that greenhouse-gas emissions from food systems would be reduced by half if the world turned to a mainly plant-based diet. Researchers at the University of Oxford found that every person who goes vegan lowers their carbon footprint by up to 73% and saves nearly 200 animals per year.

Moving to a plant-based diet is crucial at the present time when the entire ecosystem is in danger.

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