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Looking for a Clean Nutritional Drink for Your Kids? Try Out VeganDukan’s ULTx Vegan Protein

All parents want whatever’s best for their kids, especially when it comes to nutrition. In their growing years, children require healthy food, along with some additional vitamins and minerals to support their growth. Protein is one such key nutrient that is essential for building, maintaining, and repairing the tissues in our body.

A report by the National Family Health Survey shows that 36% of India’s children are underweight, 21% are wasted and 38% are stunted. A protein deficiency impairs a child’s physical growth and also affects their cognitive development, leading to lifelong damage.

However, in today’s fast-paced lives dominated by the fast-food culture, it becomes difficult to manage a well-balanced diet for kids which would help meet the needs of their growing bodies.

With this is mind, VeganDukan has developed a nutritional drink for children that not only compensates for any deficiencies, but also prevents allergies caused by consumption of dairy-based health drinks.

The ‘ULTx Ultimate Nutrition for Kids’ is a plant-based protein powder that comes in a delicious chocolate flavour. It comes in three different variants – 4 to 6 years, 7 to 9 years, 10 to 12 years – designed to meet the nutritional needs of kids of these age groups., as per FSSAI’s 2022 guidelines.

Benefits of ULTx Ultimate Nutrition for Kids:

Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D – Made with high calcium concentration for strong bones, coupled with high vitamin D levels which help with absorption of calcium and in building your child’s immunity

High in protein content – The formula has more than twice the protein content found in the leading chocolate flavoured drink powders.

Lactose free and Non-GMO – Their formulation is perfectly suitable for lactose intolerant kids due the absence of any lactose. Also, it is made from the best quality, Non-GMO Soybean.

Packed with Vitamin B12 – Ensures that kids have experience complete development and promotes healthy functioning of their brains

Immunity boosting for protection against Covid – The formula has higher amounts of immunity boosting nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. These higher amounts are in accordance with FSSAI’s updated 2022 regulations which were released during the peak of Covid in India.

Low Carbs – The formula has close to half the amount of carbs found in the most popular chocolate flavoured drink powders in the country so that children can enjoy the benefits of wholesome nutrition today, without the risk of developing insulin resistance or contracting other diseases such as metabolic syndrome.

Filled with all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals – For the most wholesome nutrition possible, the drink comes with a total of 40 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients so that a child can get a complete dose of nutrition with every sip and not miss out on even a single important nutrient.

Preservative and Artificial Flavour free – Their nutritional powder contains absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavours, which makes it a truly ‘no compromises’ source of nutrition. The absence of artificial flavours may have your kid asking for some additional sugar but we leave that up to the parents.

Dairy free – Dairy consumption has been scientifically proven to cause many health-related issues which range from cancer to cardiovascular diseases. This formula has absolutely no dairy so that kids can get their nutrition without any drawbacks. It tastes best with water and has enough calcium so as to not require to be made with milk.

The ULTx Ultimate Nutrition for Kids’ is non-GMO, and has complete nutritional values as per RDA guidelines.

You can buy ULTx Ultimate Nutrition for Kids from the following online stores:

VeganDukan – VeganDukan – ULTx Ultimate Nutrition for Kids

Amazon – Amazon – ULTx Ultimate Nutrition for Kids

Flipkart – Flipkart – ULTx Ultimate Nutrition for Kids

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