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Review: Plant Power 10gm Protein Bites

What is it?

100% Plant-Based Protein Bites by Plant Power are mini bars made from a blend of peanut flour and soy protein isolate. Its other ingredients are dates syrup, dark compound, almonds, cocoa coated soy nuggets, butterscotch nuts, cocoa powder, rice bran oil and Vitamin E. The bites also contain added natural flavours of vanilla and caramel. The 350 gm package comes with 10 mini bars.

Our Take:

What we absolutely loved about Plant Power’s protein bites is that the ingredients are completely natural. The ingredients label does not mention any artificial ingredient which is commendable.

plant power

Each bar comes packed in an individual wrap and one can easily carry these bars with them while travelling or to work as an instant dose of energy. The bars are flavourful and crunchy and one can get the taste of peanuts, almonds, dates and cocoa in every bite.

We found it convenient to have these bites as an in-between meals snack, and the good part is that they actually control the cravings. Overall, we found the product to be good and assume it would suit the palates of most people.

One thing we would like to recommend the manufacturers is to replace the plastic wrapping of individual bars with something more environmentally sustainable.

Price: Rs. 799 for 10 protein bites (350 gm pack)

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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