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Review: MilkinOats Oat Milk Range

What is it?

MilkinOats oat milk range consists of three variants – Classic Oat milk, Barista’s Choice Oat milk, and Chocolate Oat milk. Apart from the key ingredients, which are oats and water, these plant-based milks have canola oil, dicalcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, and iodized salt. The chocolate version has two additional ingredients – cocoa powder and stevia.

Classic Oat milk works as a naturally sweetened dairy alternative and can be had on its own or added to cereals, tea, coffee or any other dish as a substitute to dairy milk.

Barista’s Choice Oat milk can be used in coffees or lattes due to its ability to foam. It can also be used to thicken gravies, curries, desserts, and baking.

MilkinOats Oat milk range is currently available in 200ml bottles.

Our Take:

We tried all three variants of MilkinOats oat milk and are pretty impressed with their taste and functionality. “Classic Oat milk” works beautifully in both hot and cold beverages. We made regular masala tea with it and were surprised to find that there is almost no aftertaste. The texture was very close to the regular dairy milk tea we Indians are used to. It blended perfectly and there was no curdling when we added it to hot brew tea.

The classic oat milk works fine at room temperature. However, avoid adding it a hot beverage after keeping it in the refrigerator as it tends to curdle.

Due to the natural sweetness of oats, the milk tastes good even when it is had on its own. For us, it worked like a great dairy substitute.

We wanted to try “Barista’s Choice Oat milk” to test its foaming ability. The milk lived up to its promises and we were able to enjoy a creamy, foamy latte. It would be wrong to compare it to cow’s milk but for a plant-based alternative, it works really well!

The chocolate oat milk tasted nice and creamy, and can be consumed by calorie-conscious individuals too as there is no added sugar in this. We liked everything about it!

We would love to see the company fortifying its oat milk with Vitamin D and B12 in the near future. We also request the company to switch to bigger packs for reducing single-use plastic waste.

The company should also look at lowering the price in order to make it affordable for everyone. After all, this is one of the best plant-based milk brands we have tasted so far!


Classic Oat milk – Rs. 70 for 200 ml

Barista’s Choice Oat milk – Rs. 80 for 200 ml

MilkinOats Chocolate Oatmilk – Rs. 80 for 200 ml

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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