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Review: Good Dot Vegicken Curry Kit

What is it?

Good Dot’s Vegicken Curry Kit is a plant-based meat alternative that comes in the form of a ready-to-cook kit comprising mock chicken pieces, gravy mix, a pack of whole spices, and a measuring glass. The plant-based chicken is made of ingredients such as pea protein, soy protein isolate, different types of flours, wheat gluten, and spices. The gravy mix has been developed keeping in mind the spices used in non-vegetarian cooking.

Our Take:

For this review, we invited a non-vegetarian friend to taste the product and give us a more genuine feedback on the product and its comparison with original chicken meat.

Unlike other plant-based meat products, Vegicken Curry does not require much time and effort. It’s easy to prepare as it comes packed with all the required ingredients including the gravy mix. All one needs to add is a few teaspoons of vegetable oil according to one’s taste preferences.

Once the contents have been poured and mixed in the cooking pan as per instructions, it takes approximately 10 minutes for the ‘chicken chunks’ to cook to perfection. Our friend provided a highly positive review of the product and mentioned its taste to be quite similar to original chicken.

Vegicken Curry Kit has successfully replicated the taste and texture of its animal-derived version, and the gravy mix made it too good to be true. Let us say that it can easily pass off as real chicken gravy. A must-try not only for vegans and flexitarians, but also for all meat lovers!

Price: ₹249

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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