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Review: Root and Soil Vegan Ghee

What is it?

Root and Soil Vegan Ghee is a plant-based substitute for dairy ghee and is made out of fresh coconut milk and spices. It is handmade by women in rural areas of Pollachi taluk in Coimbatore. It can be used in various traditional Indian dishes, and can also be consumed directly. As per the packaging label, the ghee does not contain any kind of preservatives, additives, taste enhancers, palm oil or artificial fragrances. The product has a shelf life of six months.

Our Take:

Root and Soil Vegan Ghee behaves exactly like dairy ghee; it has the same texture and feel. However, when it comes to taste and smell, there is no similarity with dairy ghee. The product smells exactly like coconut oil and one may even find it difficult to differentiate between coconut oil and this ghee.

root and soil vegan ghee
The texture is similar to regular dairy ghee.

We used it on chapatis, dal tadka, and even lit a lamp with it. It has all the functional properties of ghee with a strong coconut aroma. If you do not like the smell of coconut oil, then this may not be the ideal ghee alternative for you.

The ghee is organic and made out of natural ingredients; it does not contain any artificial substances. The product comes in an attractive packaging – a glass container with its lid wrapped in brown paper tied up with jute strings.

Price: One 110 ml bottle costs Rs 275.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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