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World’s First 2D Vegan Restaurant to Open in Amsterdam

Ever wondered what it feels like to be in a 2D space that plays tricks with your eyes with mind-boggling optical illusion? Well, a vegan cafe in Amsterdam is offering this experience!

The new café by leading vegan restaurant chain – Vegan Junk Food Bar (VJFB) – is not just futuristic but also a haven for Instagrammers. The world’s first 2D junk food joint features artwork in black and white, and aims to take guests ‘from reality into the world of art and fantasy’ as they dine.

VJFB already has four branches in Amsterdam, one in Rotterdam, and another in Barcelona. Its menu features a range of plant-based junk food dishes, and stands out with its innovative food and cocktails, and bright-coloured interiors.

There are several non-vegan 2D restaurants in the world, including 2D Café in Tokyo, Wokies in Kolkata, Yeon Nam Dong in Seoul, BW Café in St Petersburg, amongst others.

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