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Review: Iremia Orange, Ginger, Papaya Extract & Almond Oil Soap

What is it?

Iremia soap is made of several vegan ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Mahua oil, Aloe vera, Almond Oil, Orange Oil, Ginger Oil and Papaya Extract. The ingredients have been carefully selected to offer several health benefits.

Our Take:

The product comes in a beautiful packaging but we were a little disappointed with the plastic wrapper inside the paper box. We hope the company finds an alternative to plastic packaging to make it completely environment-friendly. When we removed the plastic wrapper, we saw that the soap was covered in soda ash, a white powdery substance which is often seen in soaps made with cold process. This ash is totally safe, though it makes the soap look a little messy.

The soap leaves a fresh smell after use and the skin feels soft. The handmade soap contains no animal fat and is free from animal testing. It is free from preservatives, sulphates, synthetic colours or fragrance. This is what we are always looking for!

Price: At Rs 179, the soap seems a little expensive, especially when we compare it with other handmade and vegan soap brands.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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