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Review: Good Mylk Vegan Butter

What is it?

Good Mylk Vegan Butter is a vegan alternative to dairy butter. It contains ingredients such as Edible Vegetable Oil and Fats (Hydrogenated, Interesterified and Blended), Water, Sesame Oil etc. The product is trans-fat free, cholesterol free and rich in Vitamin A.

Our Take:

Unlike the ones derived from nuts, Mylk butter resembles the regular unsalted butter in both taste and texture. According to the company, the product has a shelf life of four months from the date of manufacturing and can be kept at room temperature. It does not require refrigeration.

This butter has the potential to replace regular dairy butter in our daily food. It can be melted or used as a spread directly over chapatis, dosas, bread, and can also be used for tempering in Indian curry dishes. 

Good Mylk butter came as a surprise as it behaves exactly like butter, while also giving the benefits of eating something that is completely preservative and trans-fat free. We tried it with pav bhaji and toast, and also melted it for tempering purpose in dal makhni. The result was excellent!

Butter is a very important part of our diet, and when it is cruelty-free, it becomes easier to consume it without feeling guilty. We are very satisfied with this amazing product!

Price: A 100 gms pack of Good Mylk Vegan Butter costs Rs 70, which is a little higher than the market price of 100 gms of regular dairy butter.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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