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Mighty Millets: Mother-Son Duo Raising the Bar for Healthy Indian Snacking

Pune-based Mighty Millets is a healthy snacking brand born out of a mother’s passion and a son’s vision.

At age 45, when most people give up hopes of learning something new, Meena Jain decided to join a course on Nutrition and Dietetics. She worked hard and topped the course.

With an inclination towards healthy living and an urge to make people fitter, Meena started her own practice, which grew rapidly as people were not only benefitting from her diet plans but also her recipes; together they showed exceptional results!

“I was deeply inspired by what my mom was doing. Her philosophy of ‘Healthy eating isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle’ and recipes needed to reach every home,” Sahil Jain, co-founder and CEO of Mighty Millets, told The Vegan Indians.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Sahil decided to don the entrepreneurial hat after identifying the lacuna in Indian snacking options.

“During my days at the MNCs, I experienced first-hand the tight schedule and non-availability of healthy, tasty and convenient snacking options. I realized that there was a huge gap in the market for healthy snacking solutions. The urge to build something of my own which benefited the society, was something that got me really excited,” he said.

Bajra Bites by Mighty Millets

Considering the fact that entrepreneurship requires full-time involvement, Sahil decided to resign from his corporate job in October 2017 to immerse himself completely into the passion of creating something new.

With one single aim in mind ‘Make healthy eating simple’, Sahil went on to launch a range of health bars, savouries, maple granolas, and functional mixes, under the brand ‘Mighty Millets’.

Almost all products by the company are 100% vegan, barring a couple, which are in the process of being veganized.

Success from the start

Sahil told us that his company procured a huge order from KPMG in the first month of its operations. The team was able to fulfil an order of 500 Diwali hampers in record time. Since then, it has been growing its B2C base consistently.

Sahil said that the company is also targeting the B2B segment and is currently, supplying products to JW Marriott in Pune, and has recently signed a deal with Hilton group of hotels all over India.

The rise of healthy snacking

Sahil is of the view that there is tremendous potential for vegan, millet-based, gluten-free products and the market is growing exponentially every year. He is positive about the scope of such products in smaller towns and cities too.

“I think Tier II and Tier III cities have great scope for healthy products. We are figuring out ways to make them very affordable so as to have a much wider reach,” he said.

Dates ragi bar by Mighty Millets

The company is planning to come up with more variations in the nutrition bars and savoury segment. It is also trying to collaborate with more brands with a similar vision.

The gap

Sahil believes that several brands in the market are misleading consumers in the name of healthy snacking.

“Too many products available in the market today only talk about being healthy. But if you look closely, they aren’t. Misleading labels, hidden information, and considerably harmful chemicals and preservatives, led us to find our own solutions.”

“All our snacking solutions are handcrafted by a nutritionist, 100% natural, fresh and hygienic, high quality, made from real wholesome ingredients, nourishing and yum, vegan and gluten-free.”

“Each product has its story and is full of life!” he ecstatically concluded.

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