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Top Indian Vegan Instagrammers to Follow

Today, dairy-loving India is embracing veganism. The country where people could never imagine their diet without dairy is experiencing a paradigm shift. More people than ever are moving towards veganism to lead a healthy and balanced life. We can say veganism is no longer just a fad; it’s here for a long-haul. In India, since a big chunk of population already doesn’t consume meat due to spiritual or other reasons, people are finding it easier to adopt veganism.

Veganism – a lifestyle that doesn’t permit consumption of animal produce – is now gathering momentum. Being vegan means eliminating every animal product from your diet. With the advent of social media and blogging, more people are becoming curious about veganism. The surge in videos showing animal cruelty and more are playing an undeniable role in this transition. We now see a lot of people openly embracing veganism and promoting it via their social media channels and youtube videos. In this article, we have listed down the names and handles of some of the most popular vegan Instagrammers that you must follow!

Richa Hingle: IG: veganricha

Ms. Hingle sets a perfect example of a happy vegan life. Almost every day, Richa shares simple and wholesome vegan recipes with her viewers. Due to her vegan lifestyle, she has garnered a huge following on her social media handle. Richa also shares how a vegan diet can be supplemented to enjoy its wholesome benefits.

Umang Singh: IG: Veganbeardedguy

It was 2012 when Umang started his journey as a vegan. Umang had started working out on an absolute vegan diet and was able to shed over 35 kgs in a matter of months. He transformed his body and adapted to a healthier lifestyle, leading to lean mass and endurance. Today, he is running a fitness platform called ‘Yoda Fit Plan, Outwork All’. Umang recommends consuming Broccoli, Lentils, Dry Fruits, Oats Pancakes, Smoothies, Tofu, and Kidney Beans.

Abhishek Thevar: IG: abhishekthevar

Abhishek has a transformation journey that is motivating hundreds every day to go vegan. Abhishek is a vegan and an athlete. Yes, you read that right. People often connect veganism with a deficiency of key nutrients. Abhishek is breaking all stereotypes and has achieved ACSM, Vegan Athlete, ACE fitness trainer certificates.

Ajitesh Verma: IG: fit.Indian.vegan

Ajitesh has been following a whole food plant-based diet since 2011. He’s 40 years old and has a huge social media presence. According to him, plant-based diets are some of the healthiest diets one can follow. He has achieved surprising fitness levels and guides new bodybuilders. He believes in diet and body exercise.

Labdhi Shah: IG: veganizing.in

Labdhi is helping people realize it’s not as difficult as it seems to turn fully vegan. For the last four years, Ms. Shah has been writing health recipe blogs and making vlogs for Indians. She also sells homemade chocolates that are vegan and nutritional in value. Labdhi is a popular influencer in the vegan community for all the right reasons.

Heena Malhotra: IG: thriftyveganstudent

Heena is a third-year law student from Pune who has been trending on social media for quite some time now. She has turned into an absolute vegan and started her blog in which she talks about the benefits of a vegan diet. Heena is providing out of the box insights about making vegan foods to fit the budget of millennials. She also pens down her thoughts about the vegan lifestyle, skincare, hair care, and mental health on her blog.

Purvi Shah: IG: iampurvishah

It was a documentary that proved out to be a turning point in Purvi’s life. Today, Purvi has her blog where she talks about her vegan journey with the world. She says people often relate to vegan food as bland. To change this mindset of food lovers, she regularly shares exotic and wholesome recipes that have a high nutritious value too.

Hirvita: IG: earthling.hirvita

A Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession, Hirvita took the first step into veganism in 2019. Hirvita has a big following on Instagram and motivates people almost every day with posts related to delicious vegan foods. Hirvita looks forward to telling the world that a vegan diet is not limited to a handful of options, but a plethora of mouth-watering dishes.

Harsha Atmakuri: IG: truthisvegan

A doctor by profession, Harsha can be seen as a torch-bearer of veganism in the country. He believes that veganism is not a trend but a way of living. By traveling and meeting with people from all walks of life, he showcases the magic of veganism. ‘Vegans of India’ is Harsha’s page and it contains recipes, travel vlogs, photos, and what not!


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