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10 Travel Tips for Vegans By Travel Influencer Harpreet Kaur

It’s going to be one year since we were locked down in our houses with nowhere to go. We had to find ways to deal with our wanderlust bug while daydreaming about our next adventure. Now, with Covid cases gradually decreasing and mass immunisation going on, we cannot wait to plan our next trip.

For vegans, planning involves a little more than just booking flights and hotel. We have to research on a lot of other things, especially food, to avoid any inconvenience that could ruin our trip. To help you plan your next vegan holiday, here are 10 travel tips for vegan travellers by well-known vegan travel blogger and influencer Harpreet Kaur!

Carry Vegan Snacks

Always plan in advance and make sure that you carry some high-protein snacks such as vegan energy bars, nuts, chocolates, some savouries, and other healthy packaged foods. These will help you satiate your hunger pangs when there is no other option available or when you are not sure whether the food available is vegan.

Book Vegan Flight Meal

Book flight meals in advance and opt for vegan options. In case they don’t have vegan options, just opt for vegetarian food and inform them that you are lactose intolerant as a special food requirement.

Research on Local Food

Before you leave for your destination, do some research on local food. Also find out about the best and must visit restaurants in the area and check if they have vegan options. You may also reach out to them in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Vegan Food App

Use ‘HappyCow App’ to look for vegan restaurants around you at any point. Alternatively, searching for “Vegan” on Google Maps also provides list of some vegan restaurants around you.

Check with the Chef

If there are language barriers, be forthcoming and talk to the chef to explain them what you need and what you want to avoid.

Carry Your Own Toiletries

This is important for vegans because not all personal care brands are cruelty-free and vegan. To be safe, carry your own.

Visit Grocery Stores

Visit local groceries stores and farmer markets to look for fresh fruits and local snacks. You can always find fruits everywhere and it is a wonderful experience trying native fruits. This is also one of the best ways to get the vibe of a city and understand local culture.

Carry Photos With a Cross Symbol

This may sound silly to some but it is one of the best ways to communicate if you are travelling in the rural areas and small towns of a different country. Carry a few pictures of dairy products and meat and cross them. Showing the image will help locals understand what you don’t want in your meals.

‘I Am Vegan’

Learn how to say “I am vegan” in the local language and try connect with local vegan groups online before embarking on your journey. By connecting with such groups, your stay will become more comfortable, and you might also get to see some hidden wonders of the place you are visiting! After all, locals know the best. Isn’t it?

Vegan Passport

Download the app called “Vegan Passport” by The Vegan Society, and use it the next time you travel. It is a multilingual vegan phrasebook that is a must-have for globetrotting vegans.

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