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MommyPure – A Father’s Quest for Chemical Free Products Led to the Foundation of This Clean Brand

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. New parents often struggle to make sense of the myriad suggestions given by their friends and family, while they themselves figure out how to deal with new and unexpected challenges that come their way, especially in terms of their baby’s health. Skincare is also an area of concern as skin is a sensitive organ, more so in the case of babies. Parents who are already overburdened and stressed are left perplexed by the ever-growing number of baby care companies that try to outdo each other by marketing their products as ‘safe’, ‘mild’, ‘hypoallergenic’, ‘chemical-free’, etc. Amidst all this, parents are left confused about what is good for their baby and what is not.

Gaurav Katiyar, founder of Mommypure, faced the same dilemma when his daughter was born. He realised that various national and international brands that claimed to be natural and plant-based often used chemical preservatives that defied the concept of natural care. Post the analysis of this problem and an in-depth research in the niche, he decided to launch his own brand that is not just truly plant-based, but also clean, cruelty-free, sustainable, and vegan.

Mommypure: Set to Touch New Heights

Since the launch of Mommypure in August last year, the company has witnessed an upward curve in terms of demand. From word-of-mouth publicity to positive reviews on social media, the brand is growing by 50 to 70 percent every month organically. Gaurav told The Vegan Indians, “I personally speak to around 10 customers on a monthly basis to understand their expectations from our products Feedback is important, and we look forward to it as it helps us create the best.”

When speaking about a growing brand, a discussion on tackling competition is a must. With several national and international brands making a beeline for baby care market in India, MommyPure’s philosophy regarding the competition is quite simple – ‘create a good product and it will reach the right audience’. The company’s strategy is to be present at the right place, at the right time. Complimenting this is their pricing strategy, which Gaurav says is highly reasonable. The company is not importing anything and its ingredients are acquired from top notch suppliers from across the globe. Instead of metros, the company is currently targeting two and three tier cities such as Muzaffarnagar and Rudrapur as he believes there is a huge demand for clean baby care products in such markets.

A Brand Safe for Humans, Animals and Environment

The goal of Mommypure is to create quality, authentic and eco-conscious products having received certifications from PETA, CertClean and repurpose Global. Talking about why other brands in the niche are not going vegan and cruelty-free, he said, “Several established brands are introducing themselves to vegan variations of their products by testing them in the market. The process of shifting from animal-based products to plant-based and acquiring the certification of the same is difficult as extra cost is involved. To plan the expenses in an organised manner takes time. However, over the past two years and especially post-COVID, the acceptance of vegan and cruelty-free products has increased phenomenally, especially when such a movement receives backing by celebrities and athletes.”

Mommypure is certified as a Cruelty-Free & Vegan Brand under PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies program.

Mommypure is also marked plastic negative by rePurpose Global. With the help of an NGO based in Telangana, the company is able to balance out the amount of plastic used in the development of the products. “Even if a brand cannot completely discard the usage of plastic due to any reason, the least that can be done is to reduce. This attempt of ours is solely to fulfil our brand’s philosophy – the benefits or consequences of our present actions will define the future,” he remarked.

Complimenting this is certification as authenticity is another name for safety. A brand may be vegan or clean, but if it is not certified, it is not valid. “For a consumer to ensure the products they are using are safe and clean, they need to look for a third-party verification which can only be achieved if the brand has gone through the complete audit process like we at Mommypure have,” Gaurav said.

A Bright Road Ahead

Witnessing the market response and organic growth of the company, it seems the company is ready to grab a huge pie of the ever-growing baby care market in India. Reports suggest that the baby care segment is growing at a CAGR of around 20%, making it a highly promising one. Not only does this give abundant opportunities to companies like Mommypure but also leaves a huge room for creativity and innovation to be put in the products. Based on this segment growth, the company expects to acquire half a million by the year 2022. The company plans to launch baby wipes soon, besides also introducing a range of mother care products such as anti-stretch mark oils, butter moisturiser, nipple creams and so on.

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